Detection Deception: Sniffing Out Liars – Part I

In the lovely, usually peaceful, community of Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, investigation into the savage murder of 24-year-old ReMax Camosun realtor Lindsay Buziak has been botched.*

Since February 2, 2008, the day Cohen Oatman and Jason Zailo, two friends and mortgage brokers, reported finding Buziak’s mutilated body in a vacant house in Saanich questions have been raised about handling of the case.

In charge of the official police investigation is Saanich Police Detective Sergeant Craig Sampson. As well as working with the SPD, Sampson works with a private outfit called ITV Consulting Inc., based in Victoria, BC (which neighbours Saanich).

Here’s Sampson pictured on the ITV Consulting Staff page:


  • Detective Sergeant, Saanich Police Major Crime
  • 27 years police service, 6 years major crimes
  • 3 years Child Abuse Team
  • Experience in all aspects of police investigation
  • Certified examiner since 2004; advanced examiner since 2006
  • Experienced examiner in both criminal matters and pre-employment screening 
  • Instructor in interviewing, interrogation and pre-employment screening
  • Home · About ITV · The CVSA Product · Training · Services · Contact Us · Resources

    Recently, The Times Colonist newspaper, also based in Victoria, published a profile of ITV Consulting Inc. that the company likes so much it’s posted, not once, but, twice, on more than one web-page of the ITV website first as: “DECEPTION DETECTION: VICTORIA INTERROGATORS SNIFF OUT LIARS – from the Victoria Times Colonist and Vancouver Sun Province” and, then, again as “MASTERS OF POLICE INTERROGATION – from the Victoria Times Colonist”.

    Via syndication, from the Times Colonist (the original source), the same profile ran in multiple newspapers across Canada – The Montreal Gazette, The National Post, Nanaimo Daily News, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Regina Leader Post and others. That’s extremely valuable promotion for ITV’s products and services.

    The article also provides comfort to those who worry that something may be amiss. As the papers explain, the Saanich “Interrogation team helps other officers pick up clues” – and not just in their local community. These “B.C. experts teach deception-detection techniques to U.S. officials” according to the writer, Katie De Rosa, who interviewed two of Craig Sampson’s colleagues, Don Wiebe and Robert Wall.

    In discussing ITV Consulting‘s work, the article cites two specific examples, and details these, providing a photo of the sociopathic killer caught using ITV’s “Kinesic” method  in the first case:

    The widely-viewed interrogation by Ontario Provincial Police Det. Sgt. Jim Smyth, right, who successfully extracted a confession from convicted sex killer Russell Williams, left, is an example of the technique taught by Wiebe.

    “The widely-viewed interrogation by Ontario Provincial Police Det. Sgt. Jim Smyth, who successfully extracted a confession from convicted sex killer Russell Williams, is an example of the technique taught by Wiebe.

    Smyth was calm, well-prepared and armed with damning evidence — such as footprints found near the home of victim Jessica Lloyd that matched Williams’ boots.

    Wiebe and Wall both served 30 years with the Saanich police, both spending about a third of their career in major crime.

    Wiebe started teaching the interrogation techniques in 2002, mentored by former Atlanta cop D. Glenn Foster, one of the foremost experts on police interrogation.

    The pair were among seven of Saanich’s most senior cops who retired on Feb. 1, 2008.

    As they travel the U.S. teaching, they are often asked by homicide investigators to take a look at a video tape or an interrogation and give their opinion on whether a suspect is lying.

    Last year, the two watched a taped interview with Munawar Toha, whose wife, Surya, had gone missing in March 2010 in Coral Springs, Fla. They noticed that despite Toha’s profound expressions of grief at his wife’s disappearance, there were no tears.

    The two also pointed to a phrase used by Toha: ‘To tell the truth, I don’t have a clue where she is,’ he said. The phrase, ‘to tell the truth’ is often something liars say when trying too hard to sell their story, Wiebe said.

    Toha was eventually charged with his wife’s murder.

    Instead of a lie detector to assist with interrogations, Wiebe uses something called a Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA). A microphone records the person’s answers and the computer measures small frequency modulations in their voice.

    Saanich police adopted this technology after Wiebe took the training in 2002.”

    That’s all reassuring word on the ITV Consulting team appearing in print media and online in February 2011.

    Their deception detection techniques are catching killers in Canada and the USA.

    To be continued…

    * Discussion of the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation is on facebook @
    Botched Investigation: Saanich Police dazed and confused” one of numerous threads in the forum Find Lindsay Buziak’s Murderers created by Jeff Buziak, father of the murder victim, Lindsay Buziak.

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